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Bella provided product for giveaway.

bella pressure cooker review

Our first Bella Pressure Cooker giveaway was so popular (here’s our review of the Bella Pressure Cooker) that we wanted to do another one.

We’re using the electric pressure cooker for fast, fuss-free weekday cooking. From pot…

Apple iPad Mini Giveaway


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Dominique Crenn, meilleure femme chef au monde en 2016 !

Nous avons profité d’être à San Francisco pour faire une des plus belles tables du monde ! Dominique Crenn a été élue : The World’s Best female chef 2016 par le guide The World’s 50 best restaurants….on aime ou pas…

Buckwheat Pasta with Nettle Sauce: the Green Jewels of the Countryside

The first time I had nettles, I cannot say wether I was more smitten by the fact that I was eating one of the weeds that I least imagined to be edible, or by how good they actually tasted. We…

Galletas de chocolate “Le Goûter”

Esta receta de galletas de chocolate “Le Goûter” es de las que tenía guardada no sé la cantidad de meses… Hace mucho tiempo encontré por pinterest estas galletas de Christophe Felder y me resultaron tan sencillas y elegantes que las guardé para hacerlas en…

Truck Stop Biscuits

Truck Stop Biscuits

Over the years, I have spent a good deal of time testing all kinds of biscuits, even developing my own. Like anything in life, I’m always continuously tweaking and tinkering looking for the best of this and that. This latest…

Panna Cotta recipe

KitchenAid 30% Off, Kohl’s Big Sale


Twice a year, Kohl’s has their big lowest prices of the season sale – and it’s happening now: Kohl’s Twice a Year Sale (no coupons needed). In addition to the sale prices, Kohl’s also offers Kohl’s Cash, which is $10 back for…

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Four Ways: Oat, Teff, Buckwheat, Mesquite (for Food52)

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Four Ways: Oat, Teff, Buckwheat, Mesquite

Soft and chewy gluten-free chocolate chip cookies can easily be yours with just a single alternative flour of your choosing (oat, teff, buckwheat, or mesquite) bound with a bit of tapioca starch – no gums needed.  Alternative Baker has been out in the…

Neoflam Wok Review & Giveaway

Neoflam Wok Review


Neoflam Wok Review

Neoflam is a South Korean cookware manufacturer that began in 1990, and specialize in functional and beautifully designed products. We’ve been testing out the Neoflam Wok for the past 3 weeks, with stir frying, steaming, braising, boiling and deep frying.

Since we…

Secret Supper | Ebb + Flow

Garbanzos con zanahorias, hinojo y harissa

Hay épocas del año, cómo el otoño, que tenemos días en los que no sabemos qué comer. Nos encontramos con que un día hace fresco, de repente calor o un calor espantoso… y nos cuesta elegir que vamos a preparar para…

Fig and Currant Toast with Whipped Honey Mascarpone

Fig and Currant Toast with Whipped Honey Mascarpone

Who is ready for some elevated toast? By elevated toast, I mean anything that is beyond bread and butter because that’s what toast was when I was kid. Now that I’m an adult its morphed to whole meals plated on toast. Crazy!


indian-spiced cauliflower soup


My Favorite Vietnamese Cookbooks


For the past 10 years of Steamy Kitchen, we’ve specialized in Asian cuisine, with cookbooks, free recipes and how-to videos. Our collection of Asian cookbooks will rival any bookstore! Here are our very favorite Vietnamese cookbooks.

Vietnamese Home Cooking by Charles…