linguine con pomodorini marinati e mozzarella

Je suis là

Je suis si confuse de vous avoir fait attendre et sincèrement désolée de ne pas avoir répondu à tous vos mails inquiets qui m’ont profondément touché mais ma vie début JUIN à pris un tournant radical et je n’ai guère…

Best Re-useable Grocery Bag

I go grocery shopping And I love it. It’s my favorite type of shopping to do and when I’m brainstorming recipes, it’s usually in the grocery store or farmer’s market.

So you can imagine my collection of re-useable grocery bags.…

Matcha Marshmallows II


3 years ago i made these and i wasn’t happy with it so this is a revisit of my all-time favorite marshmallow recipe. this time i added much more matcha powder and you can probably see from the hue that…

cucumber lemonade

cucumber lemonade on the deck!

I began this summer by expressing, in no uncertain terms, just how terrible New York City summers really are — sticky airlessness occasionally broken up by eerily refreshing droplets of cool water on your head that turn out to be…

New York City and Brooklyn Dining

White bean and chorizo soup

White bean and chorizo soup | Cannelle et VanilleIt’s the countdown to Fall. An old friend who has lived in Seattle for ages whispered to me as we were walking… “this is the last warm front of the year, so stop complaining” Bring the clouds, the rain, the…

Fortnum & Mason’s mini tartelettes amandines aux prunes

Je sais, ce n’est plus la saison, mais c’est trop bon!

La saison des fruits d’été est maintenant derrière, nous rentrons gentiment dans l’automne, avec ses fruits et légumes. Mais juste avant de clore le chapitre été (pourri), voici encore une recette pour les gourmandes et gourmands qui auraient congelés soit…

nothing to get angry about

Recipe: angry edamame Indian summer is here. Of course it is! It always arrives when I have a chocolate shoot to finish. I’m think I’m done foraging for huckleberries (are we ever REALLY done, though?) and instead I’ve been gathering…

Braided Cardamom Bread

Braided Cardamom Bread

cardamom bread wreath recipe

There’s nothing quite as glorious as bread baking in the oven.

The aroma grabs you from within virtually taking your taste buds hostage.

It’s about the anticipation.

And the satisfaction of that first bite.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced that feeling.

I had been itching…

Infusion fraîche

cauliflower slaw

cauliflower slaw

Given my druthers, a word I’ve been looking for an excuse to type in a sentence for at least eight years, I would never choose a salad with lettuce in it over one that’s mostly shaved or shredded raw vegetables.…

A Trip to Tillamook and Gougères

Gougeres bowl

Disclosure: I was invited on this trip as a guest of Tillamook. All opinions in this post are my own.

Happy Monday! Here’s a post I’ve been eager to get up - a recap of my trip up to Portland, Oregon…

Mohawks and Tombstone in the Kitchen

Our new “mail-order” baby chicks are now about 1 month old. For the first couple of weeks, the baby chicks are so adorable and teeny that you just want to keep them in your house and pet them all day!