Julien Dumas – Lucas Carton

Il y a des tables dont je ne me lasse pas, le Lucas Carton Paris est l’une d’entre elles, une cuisine en constante évolution. Et il faut croire que je ne me trompe pas le guide Gault&Millau vient de décerner à Julien Dumas le titre de…

Homemade Halloween: Making “Twix” Bars

Homemade Twix bars stack

With Halloween coming up next week. I’m finishing all my preparations, which mostly involve putting together Isabelle’s costume and moving all the pumpkins in the house back to their designated places, after she’s moved them all again for the twentieth…

Polpette di tonno e ricotta con salsa besciamella

Les nouilles asiatiques , une nouvelle source “sans gluten” à explorer et à adopter !

On ne le sait pas toujours mais les nouilles asiatiques offrent un panel “sans gluten” non négligeable,  diététique , versatile et peu onéreux.
Si par allergie ou par choix vous éliminez celles aux oeufs et au blé vous découvrirez qu’il existe…


Cuisine italienne étoilée et grands vins toscans !

Je vous en parlais dans mon billet consacré à notre virée en Toscane, impossible de se promener dans cette région sans s’arrêter pour visiter une cave ou deux. Seul petit bémol, les dates du week-end qui tombaient en plein durant…

Favorite Tools: Love of Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic Cookware: Cooking healthier with less oil and fat on @whiteonrice

We never thought we’d be writing a post about ceramic pans. Honestly, we’ve always told everyone that if we had one pan to have in our kitchen it would be a cast iron skillet. There’s something so incredibly useful and…

YeastSpotting 10.21.14

Loaves and Rolls, First Batch
Page 1
Loaves and Rolls, Second Batch
Page 2
Flat Breads, Sweet Breads, and More
Page 3
YeastSpotting is a periodic collective showcase of yeasted baked goods and dishes with bread as a main ingredient. For more bread inspiration, and information on how to…

YANNICK ALLENO sera sacré cuisinier de l’année par l’édition 2015 du guide Gault & Millau.

cuisine yannickalleno  YANNICK ALLENO sera sacré cuisinier de lannée par lédition 2015 du guide Gault & Millau.


Elu chef de l’année par ses pairs en 2008, YANNICK ALLENO sera sacré cuisinier de l’année par l’édition 2015 du guide Gault & Millau. Rendez vous le 27 Octobre pour découvrir le palmarès complet.

MAJ 22 Octobre 2014, voici le palmarès

Nouveaux 5…

apple pie

Nella mia cucina c’è, dallo scorso weekend, un sacco con dentro qualcosa come 25kg…

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Giveaway: Original Rabbit Corkscrew

I used to work in the wine industry for 4 years when we lived in San Francisco. The funny thing is, all the wine snobs used their fancy wine “key” to open the wine in public when they had their…

Salmon with Magical Butter Sauce

Salmon with Magical Butter Sauce

With the kitchen still (still….sigh) under construction, I’ve been cooking on a camping stove outside on our patio. We’ve been super good, still eating mostly JERF (just eat real food), with the occasional not-JERF treat (ahem….entire bag of Oreos snarfed down by…

homemade harissa

homemade harissa

One of my secret food shames is that I don’t love spicy foods as much as would probably make me cool these days. I’ve got no Thai chile-eating bravado, no Sichuan peppercorn count to throw around, and I never even…

At the Market: Bitter Turnips and Smoked Garlic

Mazzaro Beach and Mount Etna

Mazzaro Beach and Mount Etna

anchoring boat Mazzaro Beach Taormina Sicily

As I explained in my previous post on Taormina, it’s hard not to fall in love with the place.

Whilst I managed to explore and eat my way through this gorgeous Sicilian town, a good part of my days were spent…