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Petits Biscuits Pain d’Epice, Glaçage Rhum Citron

Your 5 Favorite Recipes of 2017 + a Recap

Winter Cheese Board

Who’s ready for this year to be over? In some ways, 2017 seemed like it would never end. (Doesn’t “covfefe” feel like it was a decade ago?!) But looking back on the year, I realize just how much I have to…

Poke Appetizer Bites

Poke Appetizer Bites

Today’s fun Poke appetizer for New Year’s Eve appetizer is brought to you in partnership with KitchenAid®. They take no time to make it all, especially if you have the Food Processor attachment that can slice cucumbers like a boss…

salted butter chocolate chunk shortbread


Panettone French Toast

I’ve been pondering what, if anything, I should close out the year with. In the past, I’ve written down my thoughts here, which I spent the last couple of days pondering. Reading and re-reading what I wrote, I realized that…

Zucchini Enchiladas

Zucchini Enchiladas

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with KitchenAid®. Are you ready for this? I’m taking the classic enchilada and giving it a healthy-ish makeover by swapping out the tortilla and carbs for sheets of zucchini made with the KitchenAid®…

Circulon Symmetry Cookware Set Giveaway

Disclaimer: Products are provided to Steamy Kitchen for a thorough, honest review. We do not receive payment for reviews. Each review takes 5-10 hours of hands-on testing, writing and editing.

  • Hard-anodized aluminum construction; impact-bonded stainless steel bases compatible with all stovetops;…

Voyage au Canada : 2ème étape : De Percé à Tadoussac

Après Percé et l’île Bonaventure, nous continuons notre tour de la Gaspésie en passant par le Parc Forillon. C’est dommage, il pleut et le ciel est bien gris. Cela ne nous empêche pas de visiter de très beau parc aux paysages…

Part III: Volvo + The Art of Slow Living this Holiday Season

Part III: Volvo + The Art of Slow Living this Holiday Season

I have never been a sprinter or a good long distance runner in any aspect of my life. As I’m growing older, I’m learning that life more often mirrors a marathon. It’s all about finding a steady rythym and pace…

Menu de réveillon express


La suite ce soir sur TF1 au 20:00… à bientôt.

Creamy Cashew Gingersnap Lattes {vegan}

Creamy Cashew Gingersnap Lattes {vegan}

Gingersnap spices, dark brown sugar, and whole cashews blended with hot coffee make the creamiest vegan gingersnap lattes in minutes.  Who else scored a tin (or four) of holiday cookies over the weekend? We’ve been washing ours down with these cozy…

Joyeux Noël et belles fêtes !

Je vous souhaite à toutes et tous un joyeux Noël et d’excellentes fêtes de fin d’année avec vos amis, familles et proches!  A bientôt sur 1001 Recettes !

happy merry to you

To those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas! Our Year in Photos is now live at The snow is finally falling here in Colorado as we partake in holiday festivities, skiing, and goofing off with Neva. naughty or nice? Peace…

Buon Natale!

Bûche de Nöel 2017 « 5eme symphonie »



Figurez-vous que personne ne m’a encore demandé pourquoi « 5eme symphonie » comme nom à cette bûche. En fait si j’avais voulu être rigoureux j’aurais même dû l’appeler « 2,5 eme symphonie »… mais bon… Aller, assez de suspense : la 5eme symphonie de Beethoven…