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Jammy Deviled Eggs with Homemade Kewpie Mayo & Furikake

jammy eggs with homemade kewpie mayo and furikake, a japanese inspired take on french "oeuf mayo" that's like deviled eggs but easier! Thanksgiving just got more umami!

A romantic, rustic, pastel take on the traditional thanksgiving table setting with mismatched plates and linens and peach roses for a soft, casual centerpiece and white candles for decor | photos and styling by Beth Kirby of Local Milk

Pull up a seat at my Thanksgiving table—all are welcome here. Grab one of the jammy deviled eggs. Forgive the lack of fall hues. Orange was never my thing. And forgive the mismatched plates and linen. The humble flowers from…

drop cornbread biscuits


Concord Grape Shrub and Cocktail

One of my favorite things, or some of my favorite things, I should say, are Concord grapes. I grew up eating them as a snack, as well as in jams, jellies, and even desserts. And if anyone else is old…

Les raisons de manger local

Certaines personnes semblent parfaitement satisfaites des aliments qu’elles trouvent dans les supermarchés et les restaurants franchisés de notre système alimentaire industriel de plus en plus mondial. Mais, beaucoup d’entre nous ne le sont pas. Un nombre croissant de statistiques indique…

a thanksgiving round-up and some (non-cookbook) news

baby musubi!

It’s a baby musubi–for a baby musubi! Now that A Common Table has been out in the world for almost a month (phew), I can finally tell you all about this little secret we’ve been holding onto. B4 is on the…