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Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies with Adaptogens

raw vegan gingerbread cookies

Get the recipes for these guilt-free, stress busting raw vegan adaptogen gingerbread cookies—a healthy, gluten free dairy free, recipe with coconut milk icing.

What if you could have all the holiday comfort of a soft, chewy gingerbread cookie with all the health benefits of chia, oats, almonds, blackstrap molasses, and adaptogens? In one mood-boosting, guilt-free bite? What if you could…

Local Milk Gift Guide // 2018

The 2018 Local Milk Holiday & Christmas gift guide is a curation of beautiful, sustainable, minimalist, and hand-crafted ideas for slow living, the minimalist, fashion, wellness, home, stocking stuffers, babies & kids, and him & her to suit every budget. We have gifts from artisans, makers, small shops, designers, and more.

Slow living is never more delicious than during the holidays. Copper pots of cinnamon sticks, clove, and orange peel simmer on the stove. A wood fire burns in the hearth. Steaming cups of cider & cocoa always close at hand…

Jammy Deviled Eggs with Homemade Kewpie Mayo & Furikake

jammy eggs with homemade kewpie mayo and furikake, a japanese inspired take on french "oeuf mayo" that's like deviled eggs but easier! Thanksgiving just got more umami!

A romantic, rustic, pastel take on the traditional thanksgiving table setting with mismatched plates and linens and peach roses for a soft, casual centerpiece and white candles for decor | photos and styling by Beth Kirby of Local Milk

Pull up a seat at my Thanksgiving table—all are welcome here. Grab one of the jammy deviled eggs. Forgive the lack of fall hues. Orange was never my thing. And forgive the mismatched plates and linen. The humble flowers from…

A French Supper: Pernod Classic Saffron Bouillabaisse, Fennel Soup, & Flourless Chocolate Cake

Pernod Bouillabaisse recipe fresh seafood Photo by Beth Kirby Local Milk Blog

Today I’m cooking with one of my favorite spirits, Pernod Classic. I’ve had a bottle in my cupboard for as long as I can remember, and it usually found its way into brothy concoctions of herbs, butter, and shellfish. I splash it…

Miso Slow Roasted Salmon Bowl + Blood Orange & Fennel

Miso Glazed Slow Roasted Salmon with Blood Orange, Fennel, & Burnt Citrus Vinaigrette Miso Glazed Slow Roasted Salmon Salad Bowl with Fennel, Blood Orange, Beets, Avocado, and Farro in a Charred Citrus Vinaigrette. A quick & easy healthy weeknight winter recipe for citrus season! Recipe, photos, and styling by Beth Kirby of Local Milk.

Winter is still lingering in pockets, while in others (my own) there was a sunshine burst of near 80 degree weather last week! But citrus is still…

the essential paris travel guide & map

the essential Paris travel guide & mapThe Ultimate Paris, France Travel Guide: All the Must See Instagram, Travel Photography, Food, Cafes, Things to do, and Shopping Spot plus Travel Tips for the First Time Visitor! #travel #paris #france

Finally the essential Paris travel guide & map are here! Two years ago Matt & I came to Paris. Fast forward to now, and we’ve fallen in love with the city, rented an apartment, and call Paris…

golden turmeric coconut cauliflower soup

turmeric coconut cauliflower soup
Quick and easy Healing Vegan Turmeric Coconut Milk Cauliflower Soup. This healthy, low carb detox recipe is immunity boosting and healing as well as Paleo, Keto, and Whole 30 diet friendly!

Let’s talk turmeric. The “Queen of Spices”, so called because turmeric, due to the active ingredient curcumin, has powerful healing properties. It helps maintain and support the relief of occasional joint pain and so much more.* Since…

Adaptogen Coconut Cacao Bliss Balls

Adaptogen Coconut Cacao Bliss Balls

Simple + Easy Raw Vegan Adaptogen Coconut Cacao Bliss Balls recipe with Reishi & He Shou Wu. These healthy, protein and superfood packed energy bites are made with dates, almonds, raw chocolate powder, and healing herbs making them the perfect dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, and Whole 30 friendly snack! Even kids love them!

Meet the magical Adaptogen Coconut Cacao Bliss Ball with Reishi & He Shou Wu. I wasn’t always a lover of the so-called “bliss ball”. The one’s I had to be unpleasantly sweet and sticky and chunky,…

lemony kale, white bean, & avocado detox salad with charred tempeh

quick & easy vegan kale, white bean, and charred tempeh salad with avocado, quinoa, dukkah, and a lemony vinaigrette! This detox salad is dairy free, gluten free, healthy, and vegan, and it can be adapted to the keto, paleo, and whole 30 diets by omitting the quinoa and beans! You can even simmer it in stock to turn it into a soup!

Full dislcosure: we call this the Matt Salad. Or Malad for short. My husband whipped this up for our little team one afternoon while we were working at the Local Milk Studio (a.k.a. my house), and we were like “damn…

coconut matcha latte

a quick & easy super healthy vegan coconut matcha latte recipe made with coconut milk, the perfect, creamy herbal morning potion that's as great iced as it is warm

Meet the latest addition to my morning routine, an herb spiked coconut matcha latte full of superfood goodness that I developed with my friend Lauren of Wooden Spoon Herbs in honor of the new year. Intentions have been set. The…

wild mushroom, fennel, & camembert pot pie

vegetarian wild mushroom, thyme, camembert, and fennel pot pie for thanksiving, christmas, or cozy winter nights by Beth Kirby | Local Milk

The goal with this mushroom pot pie was to create a new holiday tradition. I’m southern, and nothing says Thanksgiving like pie, but they’re usually sweet pies. This works as both a meat free Thanksgiving main for those in need…

tamago kake gohan | a simple, quick japanese breakfast

traditional japanese breakfast tamago kake gohan (japanese rice and egg bowl) and yuzo miso soup with a side of tsukemono pickles

Meet one of my favorite breakfasts: tamago kake gohan. A traditional, Japanese breakfast dish, tamago kake gohan is a rice and egg bowl that’s quick, easy, and comforting. Seasoned with a bit of shoyu & mirin + topped with furikake,…

pumpkin pie oatmeal (vegan + gluten free)

pumpkin pie oatmeal porridge | vegan gluten free

It’s pumpkin season. And that demands PUMPKIN EVERYTHING, amirite? It’s also oatmeal season. So! Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal: my standard breakfast oatmeal pumpkin-ified. Because I wanted to give you some real food for real days, not a big layer cake or…

35 Baby Travel Tips: Infant to 1 Year Old + Minimalist Baby Packing List

travel with baby

Finally! I have been working on this guide for a year. This is all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated from traveling with Eula during the first year of her life. Before her first birthday she’d been on over 40 flights…

L | M Retreat | Marrakech Retreat 2017 Recap

la famille marrakech morocco local milk retreat table setting

Welcome to my Marrakech Retreat, virtual style! I’m heading to Marrakech this weekend to visit friends and work (read: edit, cook, and eat…a.k.a. research…a.k.a. I love my job!) I’ll be traveling alone with Eula for the first time as Matt…