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Miku Sato – River Water Miso Soup

Miku Sato, Soup: Japan and Taiwan Version 2014
single channel HD video – 6:45mins, edition of 8 + AP


Currently screening in Kitchen-Studio at MAY SPACE is Miku Sato’s film Soup: Japan and Taiwan Version. This is the second film in her Soup series that…

Futurists – Cubist Vegetable Patch

In 1932, two full decades after the first Futurist Manifesto, Italian artist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published La Cucina Futurista (The Futurist Cookbook); a collection of culinary related statements, newspaper articles, letters, accounts of banquets, and “formulas,” the Futurist term for recipes.…

‘Kitchen-Studio’ at MAY SPACE, Sydney

Kitchen-Studio | 10 October to 4 November 2017 | MAY SPACE, Sydney

The artists in this exhibition take the space of the kitchen as the site of their performative artwork. The films echo the artwork of Feminist artists of the 1970s who…

Alison Knowles – Salad

In 1962 Alison Knowles conceptualised a set of written instructions, also called event scores, titled Propositions. Number two of the set simply states “Make a salad”; a command that she has implemented over the past fifty years at a number…

Rirkrit Tiravanija – Curry Paste

Rirkrit Tiravanija was born in Buenos Aires to Thai parents and now lives between Berlin and New York City. He uses food as a tool to facilitate social exchange in his “situations”. Beginning in 1989, he began using cooking as…

‘Mouthfeel’ at Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin

9 April to 7 May 2016 | Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin

Mouthfeel is currently screening at Northern Centre for Contemporary Art in Darwin. Of the show NCCA writes: Mouthfeel is a collection of five films curated by Megan Fizell exploring…

‘Mouthfeel’ at Parer Place Urban Screens, QUT, Brisbane


30 Nov to 10 Dec 2015 | Parer Place Urban Screens, QUT, Brisbane

Mouthfeel is screening at the Creative Industries Precinct at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane from Monday 30 November until Thursday 10 December 2015.

This exhibition first screened at Brenda…

Gösta Diehl – Pan-fried Salmon


Gösta Diehl, Still Life with Fishes, 1953
Collection of Finnish National Gallery

The Finnish artist Gösta Diehl was active in the first half of the 20th century and was known for his use of vivid colour in his paintings often composed in…

‘Mouthfeel’ exhibition

Mouthfeel is defined as the physical sensations in the mouth created by food or drink. The objective of this exhibition is to stimulate a synaesthetic response in the viewer through the observation of these films. The mouth is used by…

Further Reading – 16 March 2015

: I have an article in the current issue of IMPRINT magazine. The piece is titled “Squashings, pressings, and stains: food as a medium in printmaking and works on paper” and discusses the work of Ed Ruscha, Dieter Roth,…

Food Artists on Social Media

Social media has become a useful tool for artists to share new work, current projects, and upcoming exhibitions. This page serves as a space to collate and collect the accounts of artists working within the niche of food/art as a…

Further Reading – 27 January 2015


+ VIEW: Claire Anna Waton’s film The Falling, created specifically for Sugar, Sugar, was exhibited in the Video Platform at Art Stage Singapore 2015, on view at Marina Bay Sands from the 22 to 25 January. In her artist statement she wrote,…

‘Mouthfeel’ at Brenda May Gallery, Sydney


Mouthfeel | 9 June to 4 July 2015 | Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

Mouthfeel is defined as the physical sensations in the mouth created by food or drink. The objective of this exhibition is to stimulate a synaesthetic response in the viewer…

MA Research degree in Art Theory at UNSW


I will be taking an extended break from the blog as I complete a research degree in art theory at the University of New South Wales. I am researching the use of edible materials within arts practice from the avant-garde…

Otto van Schrieck – Chicken, Mushroom & Feta Risotto

A Forest Floor Still Life with Mushrooms and a Snake
Otto van Schrieck, A Forest Floor Still Life with Mushrooms and a Snake, c. 1657
oil on canvas, private collection

Otto van Schrick was a Dutch painter of Golden Age who according to the Musee de Beaux Arts, “invented a particular genre half-way…