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Apple iPad Giveaway

Congrats to Kathy Graham who won our last Apple iPad Mini giveaway on Oct 8th! Here’s another one that we are giving away, sponsored by me, Steamy Kitchen and Rocco, our cuddly and always hungry doggo.

We purchased an entire lot of…

Henkels 12-Piece Knife Block Set Giveaway

Not a review, just a nice giveaway from one of the most premier German knife companies, J.A. Henkels! Jaden

Henckels International makes essential kitchen tools every home chef needs. From steak knives to spatulas, each product offers high quality at an…

Japanese Mushroom Recipes


I’ve been playing around with Japanese mushrooms lately. Look at these babies! From left to right, these are White Beech Mushrooms (Bunapi Shimeji), Brown Beech Mushrooms (Buna Shimeji), Maitake Mushrooms and King Trumpet Mushrooms (Eryngii)


These are organic and grown in…

Scanpan CS+ Wok Review & Giveaway

This is a Scanpan CS+ Wok review and giveaway, with both PROs and CONs, after testing for 3 weeks. -jaden

Scanpan CS+ Wok Review

I have a long history with Scanpan. We owned and gave away a few sets of Scanpan cookware…

Acer Chromebook 11 Laptop Giveaway

*Not a review, just a giveaway featuring Acer Chromebook! Congrats to Monica Patten in Orem UT for winning our last Acer Chromebook giveaway that ended Sept 25, 2018 – jaden

Best Value Chromebook

As the best value 11.6″ Chromebook – the Acer Chromebook 11…

How to cook rice in the microwave, perfect every time

Cooking rice in the microwave is cheaper and faster than having a rice cooker. We’ll show you how to cook rice in the microwave, with perfect results, every time. We’ll also show you a secret Asian grandmother trick to measuring…

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Giveaway

Just plug Fire TV Stick into your HDTV and start streaming in minutes. Use the included Alexa Voice Remote to find the best way to watch across more than 200 channels and apps with universal search. With the fastest Wi-Fi…

KitchenAid 7-Cup EZ Store Premium Food Processor Giveaway

Not a review, just a giveaway featuring KitchenAid! – jaden

  • The externally adjustable ExactSlice System features optimized speeds, and an external lever that allows you to go from thick to thin with one slide of the lever.
  • High, Low & Pulse speed…

T-Fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant Titanium Giveaway

*This isn’t a review, just a giveaway featuring T-Fal! – jaden

  • Hard anodized aluminum construction for durability
  • Unique Thermo-Spot heat indicator for proper preheating
  • Hard Titanium nonstick interior for the ultimate and longest lasting performance
  • Riveted silicone handles for safety and comfort
  • TechnoResist Anti-warp Base;…

Canon PowerShot Camera – ELPH 190 Giveaway

This is not a review, just a giveaway featuring Canon Elph Camera! – Jaden

The slim and stylish PowerShot ELPH 190 IS camera is ideal for those wishing to capture the beauty of life’s everyday adventures with a camera that fits…

Hestan NanoBond Wok Review & Giveaway

This is a Hestan NanoBond Wok Review, with both PROs and CONs, after daily use for 30 days. – Jaden

Hestan NanoBond Wok Review

Hestan NanoBond Wok Review

The piece of cookware in my kitchen that gets the most use and abuse is the wok. I…

Insignia Refrigerator Giveaway

Not a review, just a giveaway featuring Insignia Refrigerator! – jaden

Refrigerate leftovers or freeze your family’s favorites with this Insignia freezer and refrigerator combo. The 9.9 cubic feet of space includes door storage, adjustable shelves and a convenient top-mount freezer,…

Scallops with Apricot Sauce

I was sent a lovely note from blog reader, Carol, requesting a recipe for scallops with a lovely fruity sauce. It’s a dish from Blackfin Bistro, a restaurant in Key West, but sadly they no longer have it on the…

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup (Tom Ka Gai)


Thai Chicken Coconut Soup (Tom Ka Gai Recipe)

When I was in Los Angeles a few years ago, I stopped by the now-closed (sniff sniff) The Cook’s Library Bookstore and picked up a copy of apples-for-jamTessa Kiros’ Apples For Jam, A…

Apple Watch Giveaway


Over the past 5 years, we’ve given away iPads, iPad Minis and Apple Watches. This post is sponsored by Steamy Kitchen!

This year, our winners of Apple Watch:

  • Cory Engel 8/23/18
  • Peggy Hill 5/18/18
  • Kristy Lines 2/22/18

It’s our way of saying thank you for being a loyal…