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We are moving………..

Dear Friends
We have secretly been working on a new website for a while now.
And today we are so proud to be able to say that its live.
Please come on over, take off your shoes and stay a while.
Hope you love…

Crafty Friday


Happy Friday everyone.
Another friday another craft.
I love this one, it was created by Sweet Paul’s crafter Elise Dee for the fall issue.
Its all make of felt and leather, looks so cool.

Have a great weekend, I myself are going to bed…

Sweet Paul Giveaway: Set of 4 Blue Spice Dishes from Designlump

Design lump

Guys… this giveaway is for these lovely and charming spice dishes from Designlump in Montreal! The set of four dishes will go to one lucky winner!

Description: Spice dish (4 QTY). These sea blue porcelain dishes are great for spices, hors…

Special NYC Area Ticket Giveaway: An Autumn Dinner by Yvette Van Boven

Guys… the folks at STC Craft and Abrams Books just gave me the coolest giveaway prize!

I’m SO excited be able to give away TWO tickets to a dinner created by the amazing Yvette Van Boven — it’s THIS THURSDAY…

Recipe Monday….


Its pumpkin season, just a reminder if you forgot.
Im not the biggest pumpkin fan, but somehow I really enjoy a good pumpkin soup.
This recipe comes from the fall issue’s My happy Dish winner Ewa Ostoja-Helczynska.
Its creamy, sweet and I love…

Sweet Paul Giveaway: Halloween Costume Pieces from the Pages of Sweet Paul Fall!

Photo 1

Hi Guys! This is the first time that we’ll be giving away props that we used for an actual photoshoot in the Fall issue of Sweet Paul Magazine! These pieces are from the Halloween Mask story starting on page 86…

Crafty Friday


You know there are some mushrooms out there that you should not eat.
These fall under that category.
They are simply made of felted wool.
Looks complicated, but super easy to make and so much fun.

Felted Mushrooms

You need:
Wool for felting in a few…

Crafty Friday


City Lights
Make your own glowing skyline at home.

You need:
Printouts of buildings on craft paper
tall votive
tea candle

Start by cutting out your building, remember to leave a flap on each side where you glue them together.
Using an exacto cut out a few…

Sweet Paul Giveaway: $50 Shopping Spree from TREEHOUSE Kid & Craft


ENTER for a chance to win a $50 shopping spree at TREEHOUSE!

It is our gift to you you. A $50 shopping spree to be used on anything in the shop.

Giveaway has ended!

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 6.21.33 PM

about the shop:
TREEHOUSE. kid and craft is a…

Sweet Paul Magazine Store

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 6.30.28 PM

Did you know that you can buy printed copies of Sweet Paul Magazine?
Visit our magazine store to buy the new fall issues and some back issues.
Have a look right here!

Recipe Monday….

Screen shot 2012-10-01 at 10.11.48 AM

The perfect bite!
I remember the first time I had hot chevre.
It was a few years back in Paris. I can’t remember if it had honey on it or if that is something I added later.
Now I can not eat hot…

Crafty Friday


Im sure you are as found of ribbons that I am.
You can never have enough.
I love buying white cotton ribbons and dying them.
Getting this ombre effect is really easy.
You need:
Cotton ribbons
Fabric dye

Make a little dye and place it on a…

Crafty Friday


This is for me the perfect craft project.
You use something you already have in the house, it takes about 15 minutes to make and it looks great.
Its so easy.
Simple take an old book, open it and fold in 5 and…

Sweet Paul Giveaway: Natural Gourmet Sprinkles & Dessert Decor

This week’s giveaway is both charming and scrumptious! We have One Naturally-colored Mini Sprinkle Tower and a Sample Pack of Ticings® Gluten-Free Dessert Toppers for one lucky winner!

Modern dessert decorating is simple and easy with Ticings®. This week’s giveaway includes…

Recipe Monday….


I feel like this ingredient will divide the country in half.
You love oysters or you don’t.
There is no middle way.
Im not a big fan myself, I wished I loved them, but the simple fact is that I don’t.
But I do…